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Entry #4

Hey Guys, Long time no see!

2017-01-07 19:00:53 by TypeNote

Hey guys, welcome to 2017!


im working really hard to make this drumstep song. its a pain in my arse trying to get fl to save :/


but it should be out by the end of the month!


anyways. thats my lil' update. catcha laters!




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2017-01-07 19:18:05


TypeNote responds:

Nihao :3


2017-01-07 20:30:40

Yeah, FL Studio does have it's downfalls.


2017-01-07 20:32:07

Also, if that drumstep is good enough, I'll scout you for the audio portal (mind you you'll also need to show proof the track is yours).

TypeNote responds:

Thanks, and ill prove it was mine, ill show a followup post to the song creation :V